Sports and activities

PANATHLON-LOGO-LARGESince 2014, we have been contributing towards Panathlon‘s boccia tournaments for deaf children.

Piloted in the London area, the sports charity has now rolled out the programme to deaf children in the Midlands, the North West, the North East and East England. Tennis, football and ten-pin bowling are now also offered.  In 2016/17, Panathlon are hoping to see 1,250 children participate.

View Panathlon’s boccia video here. 


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During the summers of 2016 and 2017, we supported The Ear Foundation’s activities holiday for deaf young people, funding places for those who would otherwise have struggled to attend. The break in the Derbyshire countryside brought young people together for five days of stream scrambling, canoeing, caving, and on the last night, a talent show. Many of the participants have limited contact with their deaf peers so the holiday provided a much-needed opportunity to mix and make friends. ‘The best holiday ever!’ said one young person.

During Spring 2017 we also contributed toward The Ear Foundation’s first activities weekend for deaf children aged 8-13 years, funding places for those who would otherwise have struggled to attend. 16 ‘Tweens’ took part in activities including canoeing, wall climbing and abseiling. ‘Thank you for the incredible experience you shared with our daughter,’ said one parent. ‘We are in awe of the feats she has faced (and climbed and jumped off!), and feel indebted to all of you for helping her to find her inner courage and confidence.’